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Such Great Heights


Being up high has often been a mesmerizing experience for me, probably because I've always been a little on the short side. I could barely believe the views from the window of my first plane ride (after I got past the turbulent terror, that is), so when I stumbled across Vincent Laforet's incredible aerial photographs, I knew I had to share them! The irrigation circles on the ground are a sight I grew familiar with as I flew over the midwest, expertly captured by Vincent. These other images, however, are things I could only dream to view with my own eyes.



The fog that surrounds San Franciso, illuminated by the night lights, seems almost supernatural.



London through the eyes of a flying fish. I never thought I would need to know what that looked like, but I am so glad that this photo exists.



This photo is amazingly detailed, and I can point out the places I've visited on the Las Vegas strip with fond memories and a new appreciation for those big, bright lights.


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